For Business Owners

At Edge Healthcare Partners, we understand the time, energy and capital that go into building a great healthcare business.  With this in mind, we strive to provide the best healthcare transaction advice in the industry.  Just as each business is different; our approach to each situation is different.  With that said, here are some commonly asked questions that we hope will help you learn more about us and how we may be able to help you:

How long does a typical sale process take?  While we evaluate each situation independently, typically a multi-step sale process will take from 4 – 6  months from engagement to closing.

What is the size of a typical transaction for Edge Healthcare Partners?  We are advisors to middle market growth companies.  Our typical clients have EBITDA in excess of $5 million and, while we are flexible in regards to transaction size, the range of transactions we focus on is generally between $25 million and approximately $1 billion.  We are size agnostic, focusing instead on opportunities where we can achieve successful outcomes for our clients. 

How do I know which investment banking firm is right for me?  The most important element of choosing an advisor is getting an experienced team dedicated to working on your transaction.  Unlike many other financial services where the firm’s broader capabilities are important factors to consider, advising companies in an M&A process is more about the experience, capabilities and contacts of the individuals you hire and less about the firm for whom they work.  As a result, we always suggest that potential clients check with our professional references to understand the level of personal commitment each member of our team makes to each and every client.

How much is my company worth?  While many advisors will tell you that valuing operating businesses is a mathematical equation comprised of revenue and earnings and a valuation multiple, we know that each business has unique strengths, opportunities and potential issues that impact valuation.  Additionally, identifying the correct universe of potential investors or buyers and conducting a well organized and orchestrated sale process, whether it is to one potential buyer or one hundred, all influence the ultimate valuation outcome for a business.  Please contact any of our partners to learn more about our approach to maximizing value and transaction terms for our clients.

How is your compensation structured?  Our typical fee structure is heavily success based.  If our clients are successful, we are successful.  We have no research, underwriting or lending services that can lead to a conflict with our clients’ interests.  Consistent with our flexible transaction approach, we are open to discussions about a variety of potential compensation arrangements that meet both our and our clients’ needs.

To learn more about ways we can help you achieve your goals or for a list of references, please contact one of our senior deal team members.